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In June and July 2008, the Contemporary Music Centre ran a two-part interview featuring myself, Dylan Rheinhardt and Donal Sarsfield in conversation with Bob Gilmore.

Transcripts of the interview and longer excerpts in mp3 format are available from the CMC website.

New Music Alive! was an education initiative from the CMC and Dublin City Council to teach contemporary music in Dublin's inner-city primary schools. The project began in 2008-09 when it was accompanied with a workbook and other web resources for teachers, which are available here.

This interview marked the start of the projects second year which focussed on electronic music.

A performance of my 60-second guitar quartet Hairy T at the soundSCAPE Contemporary Music Festival in Italy, June 2011.

This miniature composition for guitar quartet, written entirely on the natural harmonics of the guitar strings, was performed at the soundSCAPE Contemporary Music Festival in Maccagno, Italy in June 2011.

CoMA Yorkshire prepared an installation using motion-sensors (SoundBeams) to trigger samples of extended gamelan techniques. In this performance, students from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance activate the SoundBeams through live improvisation.

The installation was created by CoMA Yorkshire in collaboration with Gamelan Sekar Petak, The Northern School of Contemporary Dance and leading Soundbeam practitioner, Grainne McHale.

After CoMA had recorded their own extended techniques for gamelan, the samples were edited and processed and loaded into Soundbeam. The motion sensors react to the dancers' movements with short bursts of sound, 1-5 seconds in length. Beneath all that, the dancers can trigger longer "soundscapes", 60-90 seconds in length, by stepping on the floor pads as they move.

This improvised performace took place in York, May 2008.

A short film by Brian Murray for which I composed the music. A film about Samuel Beckett, W.B. Yeats and an historic game of football...

Written and directed by Brian Murray, starring Noel Healy and James Reid. Music by Peter Moran.

The premiere performance of Puca, given by the University of York Jazz Orchestra.

Upcoming Events

Summer 2018

!!!New CD Release Forthcoming!!!

June 20th 2018

Performers: NCH Gamelan Orchestra
Work: Embat
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin

June 28th 2018

Performers: NCH Gamelan Orchestra
Work: Embat
Venue: Botanic Gardens, Dublin

July 7th 2018

Performers: Juice Vocal Ensemble
Work: Five Juice Songs
Event: York Late Music Festival, England

August 9-17th 2018

Performers: NCH Gamelan Orchestra
Work: Embat
Venue: International Gamelan Festival, Java

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