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Two of my compositions for guitar and electronics are featured on the new CD/DVD release Knowing/Unknowing from Ben Dwyer on Farpoint Recordings.

Anois 's Aris (2009), which was originally written, in collaboration with Judith Ring, for the delicate medieval psaltery, has been tranformed in Ben's hands into a dramatic performance piece.

My more recent work Enharmonic Harmonics (2016), written especially for Ben, is an exploration of the "enharmonic genus", the remarkable microtonal tuning system of ancient Greece.

Watch Ben's performance of Anois 's Aris and Enharmonic Harmonics in my Videos Archive.

Upcoming Events

March 26th 2019

Performers: NCH Gamelan
Work: Embat
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin

January 26th 2019

Performers: Gamelan Jam Delapan
Work: Team Gamelan
Venue: Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

January 25th 2019

Performers: Prof. Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)
Work:Anois 's Aris
Event: Benjamin Dwyer CD Launch
Venue: Dance House, Foley Street, Dublin

January 17th 2019

Performers: Prof. Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)
Work: Anois 's Aris
Event: Benjamin Dwyer CD Launch
Venue: Middlesex University

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