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Last year I wrote an article for the Journal of Music discussing my Composition Workbooks for schools, my year as Composer-in-Residence at Caragh National School, Kildare, and running the Music Educators Orchestra.

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CMC Article on my year as Composer-in-Residence in Caragh National School

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I am delighted to be a visiting composer with the Frederic Chopin Conservatoire in Paris for their Clavier Contemporain Weekend in February. I first visited the conservatoire in December to run a week of composition workshops with the students.

As well as working with individual students, I took one class of young solfege (music theory) students for a group composition workshop. Using a few exercises from a composition workbook I had produced especially for the conservatoire, the class worked together to create their very first compositions. We wrote and recorded these two pieces in just over an hour. La Pluie is a piece about the rain, while SCREWADMACT (an anagram of the children's initials) is made up of two 8-beat loops.
Peter Moran - Composer
New Music Alive! Book 2
The second in my series of composition workbooks for schools has been released by the Contemporary Music Centre.

The new workbook offers teachers a simple and accessible guide to using electronic music in the classroom in eight easy lesson plans with accompanying notes. The workbook also includes online games, and composition "sandbox" and a special "Chill Out Set" for listening in class, as well as recordings of compositions made by primary school students.

This is a free online resource supported by the Contemporary Music Centre and Dublin City Council.

Gamelan Residency with the Halle
In February I was invited to work with the Halle's Gamelan Orchestra for a short residency running workshops and performances with local primary and secondary school children.

Peter Moran - Composer

Upcoming Events

July 17th 2019

Performers: NCH Gamelan
Venue: National Botanic Gardens, Glanevin

June 12th 2019

Performers: Gamelan Jam Delapan, Gamelan Sore Sore
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin

June 8th 2019

Performers: NCH Gamelan
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin

April 26th 2019

Performers: UCD Gamelan, NCH Gamelan
Venue: St. Finian's Church, 23 Adelaide Road, Dublin

March 26th 2019

Performers: NCH Gamelan
Work: Embat
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin

January 26th 2019

Performers: Gamelan Jam Delapan
Work: Team Gamelan
Venue: Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

January 25th 2019

Performers: Prof. Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)
Work:Anois 's Aris
Event: Benjamin Dwyer CD Launch
Venue: Dance House, Foley Street, Dublin

January 17th 2019

Performers: Prof. Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)
Work: Anois 's Aris
Event: Benjamin Dwyer CD Launch
Venue: Middlesex University

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