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Upcoming Events

Fidelio Trio and Ben Dwyer Performances

My composition Anois 's Aris, originally written, in collaboration with Judith Ring, for medieval psaltery and electronics, will be performed by Irish composer and guitarist Ben Dwyer, in a new guitar arrangement of the work. The concert will take place in the Irish Georgian Society House on South William St on March 26th, as part of the AIC Irish Composers on Irish Music Series.

I am also especially pleased that the renowned Irish ensemble The Fidelio Trio will be performing my piano trio Scenes in the National Concert Hall on April 12th.

Gamelan Concerts in Dublin

On April 17th-18th, we are holding two nights of contemporary compositions for gamelan in the National Concert Hall's Kevin Barry Room. The first evening will see the Dublin debut of the quintet of Irish gamelan players who performed at the Yogyakarta International Performing Arts Festival in Java last November. The second evening sees the the latest performance from Gamelan Nua, an ensemble made up entirely of composers, who performed their debut concerrt to a full house in January 2013.

Both concerts feature special guests, with Spanish shadow-puppet artist Clementina Kura-Kura coming over to collaborate with the quintet, while the Gamelan Nua concert will feature outstanding Irish vocalist Catr´┐Żona O'Leary, presenting their collaborative project featuring new gamelan arrangements of Irish and American folk songs.

Gamelan concerts of more traditional Javanese repertoire are also on the calendar, with the UCD Gamelan Orchestra performing in Christchurch Cathedral on Thursday April 23rd at 8pm, and both classes of the National Concert Hall Gamelan Orchestras performing in the Kevin Barry Room on May 22nd at 8.30pm.

Upcoming Events

February 18th 2017

Concert: Listen At Arthurs
Performers: Peter Moran
Venue: Arthurs Pub, Dublin
Time: 8pm

May 21st 2017

Concert: Chester Beatty Library Concert
Performers: Gamelan Jam Delapan
Venue: Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle
Time: 2pm

June 6th 2017

Performers: Gamelan Jam Delapan
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin
Time: 7.30pm

June 9th 2017

Performers: NCH Gamelan Orchestra
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin
Time: 7pm

June 11th 2017

Performers: Gamelan Jam Delapan
Venue: The Harbour Bar, Bray
Time: 2.30pm

August 20th 2017

Performers: NCH Gamelan Orchestra
Festival: Another Love Story

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