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Javanese Gamelan in Dublin

The story of how Dublin received a full bronze gamelan as a gift from the Sultan of Yogyakarta in Java is recounted in this article I wrote for the International Council for Traditional Music. The article also looks at the many opportunities gamelan music offers for performance, composition, academic research, teaching and health care.

I direct three gamelan orchestras in the National Concert Hall, teaching traditional Javanese music (karawitan) on Tuesday evenings. Levels 1 and 2 are for newcomers and beginners respectively, while the third group is for more experienced/professional musicians. I also teach gamelan at University College Dublin, where I direct the department ensemble. The fifth gamelan ensemble in Dublin is Gamelan Nua, which is made up entirely of composers who peform all original works.

Alongside these five ensembles, there are also temporary groups which are formed for specific workshop projects or festival performances. Most notable among these would be the quintet which was assembled in 2014 to perform at the Yogyakarta International Performing Arts Festival in Java, with repeat performances in Ireland in 2015.

Peter Moran - Gamelan- SOAS

Upcoming Events

August 19th 2017

Work: The Dublin Miniatures
Performers: Peter Moran
Event: Listen At Arthurs
Venue: Arthur's Pub, Thomas Street, Dublin

August 20th 2017

Performers: NCH Gamelan Orchestra
Festival: Another Love Story

September 28th 2017

Work: Enharmonic Harmonics and Anois 's Aris
Performer: Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)
Venue: Ryogoku-Monten Hall, Tokyo

October 31st 2017

Work: Transcript No.4
Performer: Martin O'Leary (piano)
Venue: The College of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

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