Peter Moran - Mamuska Background

Composer | Dublin, Ireland

Composer, Performer, Director UCD Gamelan Orchestra and National Concert Hall Gamelan Orchestra

Javanese Gamelan in Dublin

After receiving the gift of a complete bronze gamelan orchestra from the Sultan of Yogyakarta in Java, there are now five different gamelan ensembles all rehearsing and performing in Dublin. For information on our upcoming concerts or how to join, click below.

Peter Moran - Composer - Paris workshops

Upcoming Events

November 13th 2015

Works: Play Music (Premiere)
Performers: Audience Members
Concert: ICC Takeover
Venue: 12 Henrietta Street, Dublin

December 2nd 2015

Works: Traditional Javanese music
Performers: UCD Gamelan Orchestra (Peter Moran, Director)
Venue: Global Lounge, UCD

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