Peter Moran - Mamuska Background


Summer in Java

To meet the builder of the new Dublin gamelan instruments, and the members of the Yogyakarta royal family who are presenting these instruments as a gift to Dublin, I spent the summer in Java studying the Yogyanese-style gamelan, performing with local gamelan ensembles, and even learning to speak Indonesian!

Videos of the gamelan-building process, and my visit to the gamelan workshop with the sultan's brother, Gusti Yuda, can be seen here.

UCD Teaching Post

Upon my return from Java, I was appointed Director of the UCD Gamelan Orchestra. This student ensemble rehearse once a week, and finished their first term with a performance for the Indonesian Ambassador and the Vice-President of the University.

Upcoming Events

August 19th 2017

Work: The Dublin Miniatures
Performers: Peter Moran
Event: Listen At Arthurs
Venue: Arthur's Pub, Thomas Street, Dublin

August 20th 2017

Performers: NCH Gamelan Orchestra
Festival: Another Love Story

September 28th 2017

Work: Enharmonic Harmonics and Anois 's Aris
Performer: Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)
Venue: Ryogoku-Monten Hall, Tokyo

October 31st 2017

Work: Transcript No.4
Performer: Martin O'Leary (piano)
Venue: The College of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

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